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Analysis on the characteristics of industrial clusters in various regions of China vehicle filter
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Filter industry is auto parts industry a single product market is the largest one of the products, filter belong

Filter industry is auto parts industry a single product market is the largest one of the products, filter belongs to the auto parts in the easy wear parts, used for a certain period of time must to be replaced, the replacement frequency is very high. With the continuous improvement of China's car ownership, filter industry has also been a rapid development. Large and small filter companies have sprung up, before the most famous filter industry cluster is the Bengbu area of the filter industry, and Bengbu also known as the filter throughout the country. With the continuous development of the industry to upgrade, in Wenzhou and Hebei and other places also began a large number of Filter Companies appear. Even Multi-National Corporation also spotted China filter market, has settled a high-profile Shanghai. After all, in the face of such a large filter industry market share, those who have a keen sense of smell, entrepreneurs can not be ignored which.

The current undoubtedly more mature development of cleaner industrial centers of Bengbu, Wenzhou, Shanghai, Guangdong, Hebei, characteristics of each region are very clear, although the country is dominated by filter products, but in the development of various regions or different characteristics.


The filter industry began in Bengbu, and filter industry has also been Bengbu advantage industries and key industries, Bengbu has more than 300 auto filter, R & D and production enterprises, formed the strength of the larger filter industry cluster. According to the China Automobile Industry Association statistics, at present, the national automobile filter production enterprises, but more than 1000, Bengbu accounted for nearly 3/10; Bengbu area filter above scale enterprises accounted for about 30. Bengbu local government is also very supportive of the development of the filter industry, to help the local filter companies set up the country's first filter industry association, to participate in the formulation of the filter industry standards. Recently, but also to the national application for approval of the filter industry as a national filter industry base. In addition, Bengbu local government and filter manufacturers also said by lay the brand filter, to improve the Bengbu visibility, to Bengbu in the completion of the "China filter city", become the domestic and foreign has the effect of filter industry cluster, filter industry technology research and development center and filter products distribution center.

Editor comments: Bengbu filter industrial cluster has a very good foundation, after years of development, many factories have been of considerable size, and the relatively large filter enterprise are distributed here, the local government also put filter industry as an important pillar of the economy, strong support in Bengbu filter enterprise development. Because there is only one filter industry association in the country, have the opportunity to participate in the revision and development of industry standards, advantages and development momentum is very good. Believe that the success of the national filter base after approval, the development will be more on the floor.


First look at a set of data: within two months, Wenzhou filter export 523 batches, the amount of $8 million 850 thousand, an increase of 23.6% and 7.4%, respectively, the amount increased by. Outlet filter on the basis of last year, an increase of 26%, continue to maintain a steady growth: one is with the improvement of the living standards of the people in the world, logistics and transport growth, prompting the number of motor vehicles increased steadily, objectively pulling the demand of the filter. Whether it is fuel filter, oil filter or air filter, the majority is a one-time loss of goods, the growth of motor vehicles driving the demand for filter. Two people's attention to the environment, the European Union and other countries have launched a more stringent emission standards, so that the car is also increasing the consumption of filter. Three is produced in Wenzhou filter are both excellent in quality and reasonable in price, variety, both one-time not unpick and wash type paper filter, or filter more high-grade Wenzhou have production, Wenzhou has formed relatively perfect filter industry chain.

Ruian City, Zhejiang Province, the filter enterprise alliance standards, the domestic filter industry is the first union standards. The standard includes four standards, including rotary engine oil and diesel oil filter, which meet the requirements of the second and third countries. Ben Ruian universe filter, okiya group and M group and other three industry leading enterprises to implement the national III standard, 23 generally above scale filter enterprise implementation of China II standard.

The standard implementation is conducive to change in Ruian filter industry enterprises small scale, low level of technology, redundant construction are serious, the situation of excess production capacity of low-end products, Ruian City Economic Transformation and upgrading to make positive contribution.

Editor comments: Wenzhou filter enterprise development momentum rapidly, just a few years had the universe filter, Benma group as the representative of the national famous filter enterprise. As can be seen from the above information, Wenzhou district government agencies on the local filter industry development has also been given strong support. But compared to the Bengbu region, from the overall size of the industry and the average level of enterprises. Wenzhou area filter industry from the overall situation is slightly inferior to Bengbu, but the momentum should not be overlooked.

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