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Office of the State Council on strengthening the internal combustion engine industry energy saving
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Issued 2013

Issued 2013 No. 12

The people's governments of all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government, and all ministries and commissions of the State Council, and all institutions directly under the state council:

Internal combustion engine is the leading power equipment of transportation, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, fishery ship, national defense equipment, and the internal combustion engine industry is an important basic industry. After years of development, China's internal combustion engine industry has made considerable progress, energy saving and emission reduction technology has been greatly improved, China has become the world's internal combustion engine production and use. But compared with the international advanced level, China internal combustion engine products in the energy saving and environmental protection targets still larger gap, the lack of core technology, energy-saving and emission reduction standard system is not perfect, high energy consumption, high emission and low performance of internal combustion engine products are still in widespread use, the internal combustion engine industry energy-saving reduction row of huge potential. In order to enhance the energy conservation and emission reduction of internal combustion engine industry, and promote the energy saving and improvement of air quality, the following suggestions are put forward by the State Council:

First, the overall requirements

With Deng Xiaoping theory and the important thought of "Three Represents", Scientific Outlook on Development as a guide, to reduce energy consumption and reduce pollutants and carbon dioxide emissions, with enterprises as the main body, market-oriented, science and technology as the core, to the demonstration project as the starting point, strengthen overall coordination, improve the management system and policy establishing standard system. Improve the incentive and restraint mechanisms, accelerate the development of new technology, energy saving application and industrialization, promote the diversification of internal combustion engine alternative energy applications, promoting the remanufacturing industry development, reduce the consumption of fuel of internal combustion engine, internal combustion engine to enhance the international competitiveness of products in China energy-saving emission reduction level and the internal combustion engine industry.

By 2015, the energy-saving combustion products accounted for 60% of internal combustion engine product in the whole society to maintain the volume of, compared with 2010, internal combustion engine fuel consumption to reduce the rate of 6% and 10%, realize managing commodity fuel 2000 million tons, to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 6200 million tons, to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions by 10%, using alternative fuel saving commercial fuel 15 million tons; cultivate a group of automobile and engineering machinery with engine remanufacturing key enterprises; to realize the localization of the efficient energy-saving environmental protection type diesel engine and its parts and components production manufacturing equipment, large-scale, the establishment of engine products energy-saving emission reduction policies and regulations and standard system.

Two, key areas and tasks

(a) passenger car engine. Gasoline engine, and focus on promoting the application of Turbo direct injection technology, master the core technology of combustion and electronic control, developed direct injection fuel system, turbocharger and other key parts and components, encourage 2.0 liters displacement especially 1.6 litres of the following small displacement gasoline engine by turbocharging and direct injection technology, push wide Lightweight Technology. Diesel engine, focusing on promoting to improve the heat efficiency of the whole machine, promotion application of electrically controlled high pressure fuel injection system, the high-efficiency pressurizing cooling system, exhaust after treatment system as well as the electronic control technology, jet to encourage the development of passenger car electronic control diesel engine high pressure fuel system, the high-efficiency pressurizing cooling and exhaust after treatment system.

(two) minor vehicle diesel engine. Light commercial vehicle diesel engine, the focus of the application of high pressure common rail, electronic controlled single pump and other advanced fuel injection system, accelerate the popularization of the application of pressurization technology, master vehicle calibration and matching technology. Mini car with diesel engine, accelerate the popularization and application of high pressure common rail fuel injection system, fuel efficient filtration system and pressurization system, improve fuel economy and reliability.

(three) medium and heavy duty commercial vehicle diesel engine. To speed up the application of high efficiency turbocharger, waste heat utilization and power turbine technology. Strengthen internal combustion engine mechanical efficiency to improve the development and application of technology, focus on the development of low friction technology development and application, to promote the industrial application of the intelligent and modular components, parts and the rational allocation of power assembly and optimized.

(four) diesel engines for non road mobile machinery. Strengthen engineering machinery, agricultural machinery, fishery ships, drainage and irrigation machinery, generators and other non road mobile machinery matching between the diesel engine and the matching device optimization, and vigorously promote the application of supercharging and turbocharging intercooling technology, promote energy efficient multi cylinder small cylinder direct injection diesel engine for the generation of single cylinder and large bore diesel engine.

(five) marine diesel engine. Focus on promoting marine medium speed diesel engine electronic fuel injection system, intelligent technology, control high pressure than the application of turbocharger, diesel / CNG dual fuel engine, exhaust gas recirculation technology advanced equipment and technology, propulsion ship with low speed diesel engine system, waste heat recycling technology, low speed under the condition of low load burning heavy oil technology, diesel electric hybrid power system advanced technology, selective catalytic reduction system application.

(six) general small gasoline engine and gasoline engine for motorcycle. Focus on the development of two-stroke gasoline engine airflow coordination oriented high-speed sweep of airway and other advanced technology and industrialization application, accelerate the promotion of four stroke gasoline engine with the empty fuel than the exact controllability of the electronic control technology, strengthen the universal small gasoline engine and motorcycle gasoline engine, transmission and power matching and performance optimization, and exhaust after treatment technology research and development and application.

(seven) industrial application of key components. Focus on the development of electronically controlled fuel injection system key technology development and industrialization application, strengthen and improve the fuel injector assembly, electric control execution rail device, pressure sensor, oil metering valve, an electronic control unit production quality control. To improve the manufacturing level of turbocharger and its independent research and development ability, to master the key technologies such as variable geometry section turbine, adjustable multi stage pressurization, gasoline engine turbocharger and turbocharger.

(eight) exhaust after treatment device. Key mention

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