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The implementation of the four standard rule-based filter production.
2016-05-24 16:59:20   SOURCE:   

Lin Jinxiu, who has been working with filters for a lifetime, can breathe a little Recently, he participated in

Lin Jinxiu, who has been working with filters for a lifetime, can breathe a little. Recently, he participated in the development of the four filter industry new standards have been approved by the national development and Reform Commission, will be implemented from May 1st this year.

The four new standards are "automobile dry-type air cleaner assembly technical conditions", "automotive diesel machine paper filter diesel fine filter assembly technology conditions", "automobile fuel filter test method", "auto air filter test methods". Among them, the vehicle air filter test method for the revised version of the corresponding standard in 1992, the other three are new standards.

New standards closer to the car

Lin Jinxiu is now the National Automotive Standardization Technical Committee, vice chairman of the technical committee of the technical committee, although the retirement age has passed, but still involved in the development of a number of filter industry standards. He told reporters that the automotive industry, especially the rapid development of the diesel engine industry, the relevant parts of the increasingly high demand. But the filter industry lacks the corresponding production and evaluation standards, some of the existing standards are mostly belong to the field of agricultural machinery, is not suitable for the automotive field, and now the new standard is to move closer to the automotive field.

China Automobile Industry Association, the Secretary General of the vehicle filter Committee Ge Deyi told reporters: "these four new standards on the market and improve the level of the industry has a positive role in the level of products." These new standards on the one hand for the host plant selection filter products to provide reference, on the other hand can guide the filter manufacturers to produce.

Relevant experts said that at present a lot of host plant is not familiar with the filter of all knowledge, especially there is no special equipment, and the lack of unified evaluation standard, a lot of host plant and filter manufacturers in the use of their own standards. Some of these standards are not reasonable at all, even a joke. The introduction of new industry standards, is conducive to the host plant to select a higher standard filter. Whether it is the host plant, or filter production enterprises, in accordance with the new standards for production and procurement, is bound to help improve the level of the industry.

New standards suitable for national conditions

The preparation of these four new standards, these standards are in accordance with the relevant provisions of the international standard ISO developed, but in terms of specific projects and links on the basis of China's national conditions appropriate modification. The basic principle is to ensure the accuracy of the test results and test methods, and actively develop the use of domestic resources, reduce the cost of testing.

Lin Jinxiu said: "the development of standards, to fully consider the feasibility of. Test costs are very important to the enterprise. For example, in 'car air filter test methods', life filtration efficiency and dust storing capacity test in the dust changed to domestic quartz sand. Because the ISO standard requires the use of the dust need to be imported, so the cost is higher. Now with reference to the practice of Japan and other countries, the use of their own dust, to achieve the same effect, the cost is greatly reduced."

Also because the car air filter are more, with the commercial vehicle difference is bigger, it is difficult to use a standard, so the car dry-type air cleaner assembly technical conditions "suitable scope does not include car. Ge Deyi said, the future will have a special passenger air filter technical conditions".

Related enterprises to respond to different

Lin Jinxiu said that the implementation of several new industry standards, there is a certain degree of difficulty. Strictly speaking, a lot of domestic filter manufacturers to improve the level of production, for example, 50% of the filter paper is not qualified, because there is a considerable part of the filter paper is not a regular factory production.

Low production level of enterprises in a short period of time will not implement these standards. In the course of an interview with reporters, there are several filter manufacturers have said that these standards are not clear, but also continue to use their own standards.

Determined to create a brand of filter professional enterprises, the promulgation and implementation of the new standard is a good spur. "We are sure to organize production according to the new standards and to improve our production levels as much as possible," said Wang Ke, a technology minister at the Chengdu friends of the filter. If the production level of the filter enterprises to be improved for a long time less than the industry standard, it will be eliminated."

The reaction of the host plant is not optimistic. The person in charge of a diesel engine business, told reporters: "we do not know these standards, the current is still using their own filter technology and product standards. China 3 diesel engine is basically a joint venture of the filter products, the technical level of the independent brand filter products there is a certain gap."


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