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The acquisition of Man Hummel Heng Qiang strong overlord affinia filter
2016-05-24 16:57:13   SOURCE:   

"The acquisition will expand hummuel affinia humain customer service market, we will wait and see " Man Hummel ex

"The acquisition will expand hummuel affinia humain customer service market, we will wait and see." Man Hummel executive president and general manager of automotive and industrial operations, Wolf Manfred, said in an interview.

Recently, Manchester Hummel announced the completion of the acquisition of the global filter business affinia group. The affinia Group Global filtered business officially became MANN + HUMMEL's new business department, the subsidiary of Longkou Wix filtration in will also be incorporated into the MANN + HUMMEL (China) the new business unit.

MANN + HUMMEL, President and chief executive officer Alfred Mr. Weber (left) and the affinia group president and chief executive officer Keith Mr. Wilson

It is reported that the manhumoer and affinia in mid August last year reached a purchase agreement. In the ceremony held after 2 months of MANN + HUMMEL opens a factory in Chongqing, then MANN + HUMMEL executive president and automotive and industrial business general manager Manfred wolf to the reporter said: "this is the MANN + HUMMEL in the history of the largest a acquisitions."

"Manhumoer indeed accelerate the global pace of mergers and acquisitions, it is even more so in Chinese." May 18, China Automobile Industry Association vehicle filter Commission Secretary looks Yuejin accept "China Auto News" reporter interviews confirmed that MANN + HUMMEL is the integration of Shandong Longkou Wix filter Co., Ltd., also actively to finalize the acquisition of development prospects good Chengdu Wanyou filter Co., Ltd., to further enhance the rate of its supporting in Northwest China market.

MANN + HUMMEL 2015 sales has reached 30 billion euros ($220 billion yuan), and China's largest car filter enterprise sales of only 5 million yuan RMB. Affinia is a global supplier of filter, annual sales reached $10 billion ($6.5 billion yuan), a significant advantage lies in its products in the after-sales market penetration. After the acquisition of affinia, MANN + HUMMEL sales will reach 40 billion euros ($293 billion yuan), apparently to further consolidate the hegemony in the global filter industry, also the acquisition also contributed to the the strategic layout of after-sales market in North America and China.

WIX and Filtron

Let the manhumoer "a tiger with wings added"

As the world's largest car cleaner for suppliers, MANN + HUMMEL solid self styled, but accelerated the pace of global mergers and acquisitions, is this why?

MANN + HUMMEL car with MANN + HUMMEL filter, President and chief executive officer Alfred Weber has said that MANN + HUMMEL group the pursuit of stability sustained growth, will not only continue to have market potential of the area to be invested in plant, will according to the development strategy of the enterprise to acquire other equally good enterprises, such as the acquisition of affinia filter business.

In the interview, Manfred wolf to the reporter said: "affinia group selection, one is affinia in North America car cleaner for after-sales market advantage, comply with the MANN + HUMMEL global strategic objectives; affinia has passenger car, heavy commercial vehicle filter, MANN + HUMMEL take into hydraulic filter aftermarket and the heavy commercial vehicle market filtering; third, affinia in Eastern Europe in the end filter market occupy a certain advantage. So both sides are highly complementary in the field of business and market. Through this acquisition, MANN + HUMMEL has for this segment of the market a full range of filter products combination and layout of the market, further expand further help the global market, also will become more new growth point in the future.

MANN + HUMMEL Group acquired the affinia group's global filtered business namely Wix and filtron brand filter business (not including ASA affinia South America business). Manfred wolf said: "Wix and filtron reverted its let MANN + HUMMEL unleashed, not only to expand the our product portfolio, and enable us to enter new markets, strengthen the MANN + HUMMEL's global influence. Of course, in the future we will retain all the brands and the focus of development. For example, Wix will and purolator brand with common services in the United States market, Wix focused aftermarket; in China, Longkou brand for export, MANN + HUMMEL brand for OEM business, Mann and Hao card layout distribution focuses on different levels of aftermarket.

Customer service is a hotly contested spot market"

Last year, foreign MANN + HUMMEL, Mahler, Sogfi, fleetguard etc. cars cleaner for enterprises in China sales volume is not too optimistic, mainly OEM volume is shrinking. " Which Yuejin told reporters: "independent enterprise customer service market last year to filter the growth rate was as high as two digits. This shows that with increasing of the number of vehicles in China, after-sales market is' battleground ', MANN + HUMMEL has realized, and other foreign brands estimation quickly.

MANN + HUMMEL in China aftermarket layout earlier, in addition to their own Mann and Haoye (2012 acquisition of local brands Haoye filter Co., Ltd.). Is Yue Jin told reporters: "China filter customer service market is still the dominant enterprises, but the large number of enterprises. When Man Hummel acquired hoyip development is better than before, some The climate does not suit one.

Although we have reached 20% in the Chinese market share, but in the aftermarket, we still need to expand the product line, to further obtain more vehicle supporting business. Only hit the vehicle supporting the market base, the market will take advantage of the opportunity to grow." Wolf Manfred says.

"The acquisition will expand hummuel affinia humain customer service market, we will wait and see." Wolf Manfred in an interview with the last word, it is meaningful.


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