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About the oil filter and the oil spill that point thing
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Composition and characteristics of oil filter:1 濾紙:1 filter paper:機油濾清器對濾紙的要求比空氣濾清器更高,主要因為機油的

Composition and characteristics of oil filter:

1 filter paper:

Higher than air filter oil filter for filter requirements, mainly because the oil temperature changes from 0 to 300 Celsius degrees, high quality oil filter filter paper to can under the rapid changes in temperature, filter out impurities and guarantee sufficient flow.

Note: cheap poor quality paper many made of cotton pulp, filtering effect is poor, decomposes more easily dissolved in oil in, blocked oil channel, accelerate the deterioration of oil, even without a filter core, will accelerate engine damage.

2 rubber sealing ring:

High quality oil filter sealing ring is made of special rubber, to ensure that 100% does not leak oil.

Note: good oil filter, in the normal installation of the case, will not leak. Poor quality low oil spills a lot of problems.

3 return valve:

Only high quality oil filter. When the engine is turned off, it can prevent the engine oil filter from becoming dry; when the engine is re ignited, it immediately generates pressure to supply the engine oil to the engine. (also known as the return valve)

Note: to maintain the engine lubrication system pressure, reduce wear and tear. Poor quality low oil filter without check valve, to speed up the wear of engine start.

4 relief valve:

Only high quality oil filter. When the outside temperature is reduced to a specific value or when the oil filter is beyond the normal use of the term, the relief valve will in special pressure under the action of open, so that without the filter of oil flowing directly into the engine, lubrication of the friction parts, unfiltered impurities will increase engine wear. So the relief valve is the key to protect the engine in an emergency. (also known as bypass valve)

Note: regular replacement of oil filter (oil filter every time you need to replace the oil filter), to avoid the overflow valve to open and accelerate the engine wear and tear. Inferior low filter without overflow valve, under special circumstances, there is no lubricating oil supply will result in an engine cylinder, overhaul, or even scrapped.

The problem of oil leakage after changing the oil filter:

1. For the rotary filter for (iron), the rotating force is too large, exceed the standard of 20-60 Newton (1 kg =9.8) and properly installed is installed with 2 kg of hand rotary, avoid use a wrench to install, rotating force greater than 2.5 kilograms easily lead to the deformation of the sealing ring, along the circumference of the produce process starting point, high pressure air impact, resulting in the gap and leakage.

2 the old oil filter contact with the plane dirt is not clean.

3 in the removal of the old oil filter, due to the previous rotation force is too large, the old sealing ring stuck in the filter seat, the new oil filter installed after the oil spill.

4 the lubrication system is heavily polluted, the heavy oil fouling blocking the main oil channel (or plugging the oil after major overhaul), resulting in internal pressure, the impact of the sealing ring lead to oil spills.

5 for environmental protection filter (filter paper), the vast majority of the guide rod is not removed, and a new sealing ring.

6 environmental protection filter (filter paper) at the time of replacement, there is no replacement of the new inner sealing ring.

7 environmental protection filter (paper filter) for the outer seal ring (large) is still too large, resulting in serious deformation or hidden injury, the work under the pressure of the impact of oil spills.


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