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Pros and cons of filter identification errors
2016-05-24 17:23:22   SOURCE:   

Recently, network transmission, the use of the fuel filter after dissection, it can be easily distinguished from

Recently, network transmission, the use of the fuel filter after dissection, it can be easily distinguished from the appearance of the product quality. In this regard, Xiao Bian learned some knowledge from the technical aspects, to share with you to help you get out of the filter as soon as possible to identify the pros and cons.

First of all, from the interior point of view:

First, the quality of filter material to calm the dust to judge, not darker is better;

Second, to see the filtered inner surface and the outer surface of the inner surface, such as black sludge, filter is poor;

Third, the same oil, mileage, condition, color filter has two possibilities;

Difference filter contain small amount of dust, so black fast;

Difference filter without filtration function, is contaminated by oil black; or may not be infected with black. So the color of different filter. The color filter is completely through the judgment is a fallacy, false proposition!

Fourth, contrast of different oil, mileage, condition filter, that is, non professionals a false proposition; because there is no comparability.

Again from the perspective of the appearance of the filter:

First, the glue is full?

Second, the end cover is rust?

Third, the filter paper is broken off and damaged?

These are related to the whole filter quality or not?

Our technical department will follow the market sample test, take you into the mysteries of the internal filter!

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