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Emission standard upgrade to filter industry put forward higher requirements
2016-05-24 17:22:22   SOURCE:   

In July 1st this year, the country is about to filter the use of a new national four emission standards This

In July 1st this year, the country is about to filter the use of a new national four emission standards. This policy a brings is a series of chain reaction, many domestic filter manufacturer precarious since the crisis, because, according to its own technology and filter the quality of the products could not meet the new national standards. At the same time, more and more foreign filter companies targeting this opportunity, have to seize the Chinese market, mergers and acquisitions, China filter manufacturers are emerging in an endless stream.

Foreign enterprises to control the market for high-end filter paper

China has raised the emission standards, many manufacturers are faced with the plight of the closure or acquisition, the key reason lies in the filter as the core component of filter technology. According to Mr. Yan Wei, director of Shanghai City Yi Investment Management Co., Ltd. said, the filter paper high-end market basically controlled by foreign companies, and in July 1, the upcoming release of the National IV emission standards, the state requirements for filter paper will further improve, while China is clearly in this area is still relatively backward. Backward technology determines the level of the identity of the enterprise in the market. At present, China's filter companies are difficult to have pricing power and the right to say. On the one hand, as the core components of the filter technology in the hands of the hands of foreign enterprises, Chinese enterprises very difficult to have room for a counter-offer; on the other hand, the cost of filter has great influence of the steel and aluminum, industry concentration is relatively high, resulting in the price of its floating will play a decisive role in the production of filter.

In addition, before and after loading market performance is also not perfect, in addition to the car, including engineering machinery, agricultural machinery, ships need cleaner and more high power hydraulic oil filter, and now more car manufacturers for the requirements of the filter is also getting higher and higher. 2012, in commercial vehicles and construction machinery, the domestic filter share gradually reduced, while the joint venture or foreign brands are gradually being swallowed up the market.

China filter domestic trouble and foreign invasion

At present, China filter enterprises are in a situation in the industrial environment of domestic trouble and foreign invasion. The host plant of the nation receives more and more foreign capital or the filter of the joint venture company, and the foreign direct investment in the host plant refuses to enter the Chinese filter enterprises directly. The vast majority of passenger cars and engine supporting the market has been dominated by Foreign capital company, foreign brands to seize the high-end market, but also in the development of the backward market.

Yan Wei believes that the Chinese filter or other relevant market companies hope can in the future of China's auto market after share a cup of a thick soup must clearly understand the situation, far sighted, under the premise of understanding the enterprise's own situation, formulate a development strategy, promote investment.

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