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Filter element knowledge
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Reminder: be sure to buy from the formal channels, genuine filter or regular brand filter, do not easily buy co

Reminder: be sure to buy from the formal channels, genuine filter or regular brand filter, do not easily buy counterfeit, fake, shoddy filter.

Effect of filter element:

Filter the engine oil in the circulation of the sludge, engine oil deterioration of their own impurities, to prevent the engine parts of the wear and tear.

No matter what kind of oil, after a long period of time will be lost after the use of the role of viscosity and loss of protection. Additives with the extension of the oil use time and loss.

Therefore, in order to reduce the engine parts of the wear and replace the oil must be replaced when the filter.

Then what is the construction and working principle of the machine filter?

Machine filter:

1 shell: used to contain the filter element to maintain the pressure of the operation of the container, the requirements of the higher pressure is not deformed, not damaged.

2. Fixed spring: for pressing filter, vibration and oil flow in the cans in the fixed and sealed good, have also been using a plate spring.

3 filter media: used for filter oil sludge, impurities, the filter paper and the upper and lower cover composition.

4 center tube: used for supporting and fixing paper core.

5. Gasket or check valve: for when the engine stops working to prevent lubricating oil flows back to the oil bottom shell, ensure the engine lubrication system in long-term lubrication oil, the engine just start immediately with lubricating oil.

6 sealing ring holder: for closed shell, fixed sealing ring, the oil filter is fixed on the engine.

7 rubber sealing gasket: oil filter installed in the engine when the sealing effect, installed in the sealing ring seat.

Where is the fake filter?

False and deceptive filter lies in different parts of the same material and structure, without any protective effect on engine.

1, filter paper: filtration capacity of the points

False filter oil filter impurity capacity is relatively poor, which is mainly reflected in the filter performance of filter paper. False filter is usually the use of inferior filter and inferior filter performance is low or no filtering performance, can not effectively filter the oil impurities, a long time will lead to serious wear of engine components.

2, gaskets: sealing effect

Although the gasket seems to be somewhat obscure, but the seal between the parts to rely on it. False oil filter gasket material is relatively poor, in the engine high temperature, high strength work is likely to cause the sealing ring rupture failure and other factors, which led to serious wear and even scrap engine.


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