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Product introduction:

Oil filter, also known as oil grid. To remove dust and oil in the metal particles, carbon deposit and soot particles and other impurities, protect the engine.

Oil filter has a full flow type and split type. Full flow filter is connected in series between the pump and the main oil channel, it can filter into the main oil all lubricating oil. Shunt type cleaning device and the main oil channel in parallel, only part of the oil filter out of the oil pump.



Professional design team, quality management team, lean production team to ensure products from design to delivery to achieve safety, reliability and punctuality.

We develop a more higher than the national standard of the company strictly control standards, ensuring the safety of products, efficient and durable.

We use high-quality steel and advanced stamping process to ensure consistency of products, product quality and reliable.

The use of imported high-quality materials, reduce wear, prolong the life of the effective protection of the engine.

The leading test equipment imports, to ensure the products strictly in accordance with the ISO4548, SAE HS806 testing standards, in accordance with the requirements of TS16949 execution. The indicators to achieve the level of OE products.

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